The B.S.S Organization is an Esoteric School, Society & Religion.

As Transcribed from Brother August; As Said in his 2005 Address to the State of the Church:

"We have, and always shall be, ever elusive, ever present, and ever vigilant in our Mission to return the promise of our forefathers, and previous states of authority & church combined into auxiliary forces and now benevolent monasteries and unfathomable devotees.
We Ever share, Through the interbreeding of philosophy's & Commingling of members to the highest degree, even to the height of the throne of the papacy.
Many Times.
With the combined ability of the Elders of the Essene, to the State of the Teutonic Knights.
No philosophy or Artifact has died or been lost, but has instead simply been remove from public scrutiny, such as the Metal Books found in Jordan, and other Instances.
But the Blood has been shed by the spear in the first church, and it was our members who over-saw this. Hiram Abiff has Risen once Again".

Lifetime Membership & Members Ring

$ 299 CAD

Silver Members only ring included with your lifetime membership fee, recieve monthly announcments, weekly modules and get connected with our many groups and programs for new members of the society.

Non-Members Ring

$ 55 CAD

This ring can be worn by supporters of the society, pegans, new agers, wives or husbands of members, friends and family of members!

Black Sun Society - T-Shirt

$ 33 CAD

Comes in S, M, L Xl, XXL in mens and womans as a tank top.

Full DVD, Brochure, esoteric school introduction

$ 113 CAD

This pays for your introduction into the esoteric society with a Full DVD package including modules, international delivery included.


If you Require more information:

Please see our
Non Members Area, or request a Brochure to our Esoteric School.

Or a Booklet/DVD informational Package to better Explain our Intent. 

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